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Top 5 Magazines
Ask a magazine journalism major which five magazines he'd have delivered to him on a desert island and he'd say..
  1. Esquire
    A magazine for hip, educated men that covers entertainment, culture, politics, sex and style with a sophisticated yet unpretenious tone. Yeah, so it's kind of like talking to me.
  2. Entertainment Weekly
    Although its reviews may be a bit unrealiable, it covers music, movies and television more fully than anyone else, and in its 11 years, it's has avoided stooping to celebrity gossip.
  3. Mother Jones
    It doesn't hide its liberal leanings, but the news magazine has strong journalistic integrity, covering all sides of an issue and covering the issues that matter.
  4. Vanity Fair
    Great photography can go a long way, but Vanity Fair also offers some intelligent and enjoyable articles too. It's the best way to pretend you're a rich snob except cruise ships.
  5. The New Yorker
    Skip the sidebars. Forget about pictures. This is where to go for just plain engrossing in-ds ranging from global issues to personal profiles. It's also has a long history of great fiction.
This is a movable list. I change, add and remove items as I please. Last update: February 2003