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Bette Davis

Hollywood was reluctant casting Bette Davis early in her career. Many felt she didn't possess the conventional beauty of other young starlets of her time. Even after landing a few head-turning screen roles - including an Oscar-nominated performance in Of Human Bondage, Davis had to break her contract with Warner to get the part she thought she deserved.

Eventually, Davis' spunkiness and undeniable talent would lift her to stardom. She enjoyed enormous success from the mid-30s to the mid-40s. And post-peak roles like Margo Channing in All About Eve and Baby Jane Hudson in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? solidified her status as one of the greatest actors to ever appear on screen. She was strong, she was sassy, and she is completely unparalleled.

Davis was nominated for a total of 11 Academy Awards. She won Best Actress awards for Dangerous and Jezebel. Her other nominations were for the films Of Human Bondage, Dark Victory, The Letter, The Little Foxes, Now, Voyager, Mr. Skeffington, All About Eve, The Star, and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.

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