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Erwin Olaf

It shouldn't shock anyone that I'd be drawn to a photographer who says he's more influenced by cinema than by other photography. Erwin Olaf's elaborately staged, slightly unsettling new series "Dawn & Dusk" and "Hotel" is just the right combination of creepy and captivating that I love. Hasted Hunt Kraeutler through March 20.


A Behanding in Spokane

Christopher Walken leads Martin McDonagh's new play about a man in search of his severed hand, which has been missing for 25 years. Heavy on the absurdity and shock humor, the play isn't exactly ripe with deep meaning, but watching the cast act their way through this outrageous scenario is one of the most fun experiences I've ever had in a Broadway theater. Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre through June 6.


Just Kids

Patti Smith's new memoir about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe made me long for a New York I never lived in. It's an inspiring story about two artists who remained loyal to each other and to their desire to be artists.


Gabriel Orozco

If there's one thing anyone can appreciate about Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco's work, it's the diversity. It's rare to see an exhibit full of as much surprise, a keen wit his primary career consistency. MoMA through March 1.